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Once Upon A Time…

There was a man… Or… was it a man? Existence hasn’t yet been realized in the universe but there is something.

That something has decided yes, I am a man and as a man, I should be clothed. Looking down the man being realized that he isn’t a stitch of clothing. Everyone knows that you should be wearing clothes, for haven’s sake, and the man is outside!

The man also realizes he can’t exist without a name. What if someone was to wander about and stumble upon him. What would he call himself? Pondering for a few moments the man waits in silence. All around him are lush trees with moss and ferns growing. Everything is so green; it’s almost appalling. Where am I, the man wonders?

Lost in thought about his sudden existence in the universe a word pops into his mind; Steve. S-T-E-V-E the man says aloud and jumps back at this. He trips over a tree’s root and falls right on his behind. This was the first word he had ever heard. It was magnificent. Steve looks around still distressed overhearing a word for the first time and the sudden embarrassment for having tripped over a root and fallen. There’s no one around to hear him or see him, and yet he feels something draw closer to him. He doesn’t know what it is or why it’s coming near him but he glances down in the dirt and undergrowth and realizes that he is still completely naked. Looking up a small narrow path he spots something. It is small and seemingly haphazardly strewn across the path he’s on.

Steve gets up to investigate before whatever is out there comes any nearer to him. No one should see him like this, and there is no time like the present to get dressed. Walking up the path, Steve wonders to himself, “why am I so concerned with putting on clothing. It’s not like there is anyone to see me here.” But wait. Steve hears a cracking sound off in the distance. “I didn’t make that noise,” Steve says aloud and picks up his pace on the narrow path. After a few moments, Steve is upon the mound, it looks like a pair of pants someone discarded. “let’s see if they fit, says Steve.” Much to Steve’s surprise, the pants are a perfect fit, like some benevolent being had left them. While Steve was putting on the pants the cracking sounds start to increase, they’re getting closer to where Steve is, and he’s still half naked.

Quickly glancing around the lush forest looking for the source of the cracking sounds Steve notices another piece of clothing lying about the fern. He quickly picks it up to take a look at it. It looks like it will fit perfectly, but there is writing on the front? Maybe it’s the front, maybe its the back. Steve quickly pulls the shirt over his head. The words are on his back and a little piece of soft cloth reaches up and tickles his neck. Pulling the collar forward he notices tiny little words and symbols on it. “wash in cold water” is all he makes out as the cracking gets closer. Steve quickly decides to turn the shirt around pulling his hands in and spinning the shirt. Now the small piece of cloth is laid against his back and he can’t feel it. Much better than having it come up and tickle his neck. Looking down again he notices what is written on the shirt

“DANGER ZONE” is printed in big black letters.

Danger Zone!!!!

The cracking gets closer and louder. Steve assesses his situation. This noise could be friendly, or it could be a foe. Understanding dawns across Steve’s face as he looks at the shirt again. This is a danger zone, it’s time to leave.

Steve whispers a small “thank you” to whom ever left the clothing for him. At least Steve assumed that they were left for him…

To Be Continued.

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